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Transportation is an important issue for the disability community as lack of access to transit is the #1 reason why people with disabilities stay at home, prevented from participating in the life of the community including access to employment, education, worship and leisure.

At the March 2nd board meeting, the Board of Directors of disABILITY LINK took a position against privatization of MARTA and the MARTA Mobility service, in particular. Legislation has already passed the Georgia House (HB 264) mandating that MARTA privatize major parts of its operation – from payroll and cleaning to the call center and MARTA Mobility.

Paratransit service is mandated by the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 and the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 . Transportation is a public service and a human right. Privatization adds the profit motive. In order to make money, service will likely be cut, fares may be raised, and safety could be compromised. MARTA tried privatization before with DAVE Transportation in the 1990's, it failed and since then, MARTA has run paratransit services.

(1) Please contact your state Senator (http://votesmart.org/officials/GA/L/georgia-state-legislative#.UTeWA8U4uM8) to let them know of your opposition to House Bill 264 and ask them to keep MARTA public, (2) become active with Concerned Transit Riders for Equal Access (CTREA) by contacting contacting CTREA@yahoo.com or 404-687-8890 x103, and, (3) support the coalition of transit riders and transit workers Georgians for Better Transit working to defeat this legislation and keep MARTA public.

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