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An Update from President Curtis Howard on ATU 732's Fight for Economic Justice


Over the past several weeks, you have stepped up and made this fight about so much more than a contract. You are fighting for the same thing that our mothers and fathers fought for in the 1950s, 60s, and 70s: every person’s right to dignity and respect.

When greedy politicians and bureaucrats like Robbie Ashe try to push working Atlantans into poverty, we shall not be moved. When transit bosses like Keith Parker try to use our city as a springboard to a better job somewhere else, we shall not be moved. We move this city, but we shall not be moved! Instead, we will unite, organize, and take action in the name of justice and equality for all.

Allow me to highlight just some of what we have done since we intensified our campaign:

  • More than 150 of us took the ATU camel to MARTA Chairman Robbie Ashe’s law office to demand that he scrap plans to outsource our work.
  • Dozens showed up outside of a Jason Carter fundraiser on Columbus Day to help him “discover Georgia’s real middle class.”
  • We picketed MARTA HQ to demand a better deal for workers and riders and an end to the company’s intimidation efforts.
  • We put on bow ties and top hats to hand out $10,000 bills at another Carter fundraiser after he chose to stand with his rich friends rather than the workers whose votes he wants.
  • We stood with locked-out orchestra musicians, clergy, and fast food workers at Arts Center station to call for economic justice for all.
  • 100 of us showed our power in Clayton County by knocking on more than 400 doors in support of expanding transit to those who need it most.
  • We have flooded county meetings, campaign phones, overpasses and recruited our riders to join with us in common cause.

What has all of that earned us? A lot.

Atlantans are realizing what Parker and Ashe have planned for public transit. The company is backing down from its intimidation campaign. Carter is sneaking out of back doors like a bank robber rather than facing the workers he has ignored.

But our fight isn’t over. We still have a contract to settle, outsourcing to prevent, and a referendum in Clayton County to pass. Here is how you can help achieve victory:

  • Volunteer: We need volunteers to visit properties, call politicians, make signs, and turn out fellow ATU members. To help, leave a message at 404-697-7717.
  • Join Actions: Every week, we have actions big and small. The best way to find out about them is to join our text service. Text “ATU732” to 33733 to join.
  • Call Jason Carter: Senator Carter wants to be Governor but refuses to stand publicly against Ashe’s plans to dismantle MARTA. Let him know that to earn your vote on election day, he needs to stand with us today: (404) 692-7910
  • Spread the Word: Working with our communities, we have the power to shape our futures. Talk to your pastors, your neighbors, your community group leaders. Ask them how you can share our story with them and their networks. Then call us and let us know: 404-697-7717.

If we stay strong and stay united, we can save our city and send Keith Parker and his cronies packing!

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