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More attacks on the working class

As the attacks on the working class people continues to keep rolling HB160 & SB 06 is a sure head on collision to the working class people of DeKalb County, Fulton County Clayton County and City of Atlanta pocket. This bill is scheduled to be voted on March 30th without the knowledge of the public. As you can remember this was the same efforts that the governor made when he attempted to take over our schools with OSD/ Amendment 1. Well on Saturday March 25th Nikita Howard, Carla McDonald, TJ Ashley Cole and retiree Paul took to the streets to inform the people of this transit heist. See this secret heist is being packaged as regional transit deal by people whom represent an transit deprived districts. Giving the Governor control of a transit system is like giving a intoxicated person authority to drive and no accountability for having an accident.

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