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Calling for a fair contract, an end to the scheme to outsource essential transit services, and economic justice for all Atlantans, MARTA transit workers and allies will hold a “Moral Monday for Atlanta” rally at 1pm, Monday, October 6 outside of MARTA Board Chair Robbie Ashe’s law offices. Read more >>>

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We launched a radio ad calling out MARTA CEO Keither Parker and Board Chair Robbie Ashe for undermining Atlanta's veterans and middle class jobs. Read more >>>

While a new labor contract is still being negotiated, SEIU 1021 and ATU 1555 have already won the 2013 BART strike. Prior to last week, both unions faced an untenable choice: accept another round of concessions demanded by BART or risk alienating hundreds of thousands of BART riders by closing down the system. A successful strike would not be easy. It required rank and file solidarity, and the building of a strong community-labor coalition. It also meant withstanding an anti-union media blitz that framed the conflict as between a BART management that cared about riders and taxpayers and a union workforce that only cared about “selfish” goals. Read more >>>

MARTA, union at odds

Today, the union that represents MARTA employees writes about its safety concerns and management’s alleged lack of response to them. The chief issue is bus safety; the union says too many vehicles each day are not passing muster. In our second piece, MARTA’s top official refutes the charges and outlines how the agency is addressing safety issues.


ATU Local 732 Leafleting Action

ATU Local 732’s KC Cochran handing out leaflets to fight privatization at Citizens Trust Bank, employer of MARTA Chairman Frederick Daniels Jr.

MARTA workers call for investigation of plan to privatize system

As the MARTA board plans to move forward to privatize MARTA's paratransit service, MARTA workers called for an outside investigation into MARTA, its CEO Keith Parker and chair of the board Fred Daniels for moving ahead on giving away the transit system our seniors, people with disabilities and working Atlantans rely on to private companies based on an incomplete, faulty report issued by KPMG.

Local 732 President Curtis Howard Introduces Int. President Hanley

Keep MARTA public rally March 5th Georgia state capital.

On March 4, ATU International President Larry Hanley, a former bus operator, was in Atlanta to speak at our monthly meeting. President Hanley pledged that “Wherever there is a fight, I’ll be there.” He talked about the need for sacrifice in these difficult times and putting our bodies on the line. “If we’re not ready to fight, we’re not ready to win,” he said. Read more >>>

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