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Lack of toilet breaks forces bus conductors to wear diapers!! If you have access to a clean toilet at your workplace, you’ll probably appreciate it a lot more after reading this. We usually take common things like toilets for granted, without once thinking about how lucky we are! Bus conductors in Bangkok, Thailand, don’t even get toilet breaks, they wear adult diapers instead, and are forced to answer nature’s call on the job. Read more >>>

PRESTON — Drivers for the Southeast Area Transit District are at odds with SEAT management over bathroom breaks. The bus drivers say they've been denied both time for bathroom breaks and access to safe and clean restroom facilities on their routes. Read more >>>

Jersey City Mayor Steve Fulop, Sen. Robert Menendez and labor leaders held a rally today to urge federal legislators to rescue the Federal Highway Trust Fund from impending bankruptcy. Read more >>>

Washington, DC – Larry Hanley, international president of the Amalgamated Transit Union, issued the following statement today on the passing of Maya Angelou: Read more >>>

Fund Transit
The Month of June will continue to promote Transit and issues important to all. Read more >>>

The union representing bus drivers and other Regional Transit System workers declared an impasse Tuesday in bargaining negotiations with the city of Gainesville. Read more >>>

ECAT Union Reaches Deals, Workers Getting Multiple Raises High School Football District Standings, Schedules

When it comes to confronting its own historically low approval ratings, Congress is less of head-on type than a head-up-its-own-ass type. Read more >>>

TAMPA — After some lean and hungry years, workers at City Hall like the idea of looking forward to a raise again. Read more >>>

Here’s what the health care bill already has accomplished:

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