Local 615

Oct 17th 2014 Press Release

Brothers and Sisters of ATU 615. We have been waiting for word from our employer with regards to the labor board ruling stating that the city cease and desist the lockout by which they have engaged in. Our legal sent a letter to the city at approximately 5 pm today suggesting that they have still not contacted us with regards to their compliance of this order. I received a call at 530 pm from Jeff Jorgenson stating that he wanted to get together either tonight or Saturday to discuss the labor board order and potentially other items. I replied via e-mail that our IVP Bob Hykaway is unable to make it in for these discussions tomorrow and that we will not meet without him present and prior family commitments do not allow us all to be present. The earliest we would be available is Sunday at 1pm and have yet to confirm with the city. We will keep you apprised as to when we are officially meeting with them to further provide you updates . Sincerely, Jim Yakubowski

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