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City Of Saskatoon 2012-2022 Strategic Plan

This Strategic Plan is the collective wisdom of thousands of individuals who came together to imagine a common vision for the future of our city. It represents input from residents, and research and planning by the Corporation, the results of which inspired us to adopt a new approach to planning for the future. Our role among Canadian municipalities is changing. What was once a calm, casual prairie city is now an active, energetic, and exciting place to live, work and play. Saskatoon holds a position of prominence among our peers, we’re building a reputation for ‘getting it right’ and creating a model for other communities to follow.


This is a crucial time for us – we are in a new era that is stimulating and productive, and a new approach is needed to address the opportunities and challenges this new era will bring. Reflecting on the public launch of our visioning exercise, Saskatoon Speaks, we asked ourselves: “What would Saskatoon look like if it grew to half a million people?” We described a larger, culturally diverse community, where our citizens value our heritage, environment and our high quality of life. Then we asked: “What do we want it to look like?”

Our new integrated approach focuses on economic prosperity, quality of life and environmental responsibility. Equipped with a long-term vision, it seeks new collaborative, responsive and innovative ways, 21st Century solutions, to create a highly desirable and sustainable city. One that connects people with opportunity and the environment, and creates wealth so that we can continue making investments that will benefit everyone.

By capitalizing on new opportunities, enhancing our effectiveness, and adjusting resources to ensure we deliver affordable and sustainable programs, this plan will help us create the city envisioned by the citizens we serve as we continue on our path of growth and prosperity.

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