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ATU Saturday-Sunday Operators

ATU Saturday-Sunday Operators for upcoming signup starting April 26.
As per letter from the employer explaining the bridge closure timing, met today to discuss the best possible solution with the least impact to our members for Sunday April 26 and Saturday May 2. As per the collective agreement the employer may institute a special signup in extenuating circumstances. bridge will remain open on these days and effective May 3 the shuttle service and route alterations will be in place as signed onto. exploring all options, we jointly agreed to resign only those operators scheduled to work the 2 days referenced above All Monday-Friday work remains unchanged and so too does Saturday Sunday work except for these 2 days. A special signup will take place starting noon on Monday Apr.20 and finishing Tuesday April 21. Darcy and Cliff will be calling you to sign you up for these 2 specific days. It was further agreed that you will receive at minimum the pay of the work that you have already signed for the signup. Example- your regular Saturday and Sunday runs pay 30 minutes overtime each day. You sign work that pays less for either of the above 2 days, you will still receive the 30 minutes of pay. If you sign work that pays more than 30 minutes on either of the above 2 days ,you will be paid whichever is greater. I understand this inconveniences our members as a result ,but we feel this is the best solution given the circumstances. Basically the Saturday ,Sunday work that we are currently doing will be the work that we will be resigning for these 2 days. I can agree that inconveniencing our passengers by forcing them to get off the buses at place riel and jump on a shuttle to get downtown ,when the bridge is still operational is not in anyone best interests . When considering all other options, we feel this is the best one for us all.

Jim Yakubowski


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