Local 615

Mediation Update

We have been engaged in the mediation process the last two days and although the employer showed slight movement it in our opinion fell short of achieving a fair collective agreement. The employer has stated they will be commencing making special payments on our pension plan July 1st 2014 and once enacted our plan benefits and contribution rates will stay as they are. It has been stated that the potential for retroactive pay will no longer exist if they enact making special payments. Based on our pension experts legal advice the value of keeping our benefits as they equates to approx. $2600.00 per member or roughly 5% per year. The wage package offered leaves us at 92.9% of the Western Canadian Average. We believe that keeping our defined benefit plan as is especially with the employer offering minor wage adjustments for some classification was and still is your expectation. They have not moved off their wage/pension proposal that you rejected on two occasions. We have no further talks scheduled at this time but will keep you informed as any information becomes available.

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