Local 615

In Memory of Gunter Bruckner ATU Scholarship

Gunter Bruckner, retired member of the ATU General Executive Board, co-founder of the Canadian Council, and former financial secretary/business agent of Local 583-Calglary, AB, passed away in April 2012.

A German immigrant, Bruckner started as a cleaner, and became a serviceman and trolley repairman in 1957. He was elected to Local 583’s executive board, and became a shop steward in 1969. In 1971, Bruckner was elected Recording Secretary. He went on to serve ATU as financial-secretary/business agent of Local 583, co-founder of the Canadian Council, and Canadian representative on the ATU General Executive Board. Bruckner’s smile and good-natured personality was a fixture at ATU events and Conventions for decades.



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