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 July 1st 2018 Route Changes Read more >>>

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 SFL Summer Camp 2018 Read more >>>

 Al And Judy Sneddon Scholarship Fund Read more >>>

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#NoContractNoUniform Read more >>>


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Last Offer Read more >>>

Harry Braun VS ATU 615 Read more >>>

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SDLC Federal Labour Canvass 2015 Read more >>>

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Written Submissions RE: Bylaw Changes During Illegal Lockout


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Al And Judy Sneddon Scholarship Fund Read more >>>

Memo Re Bulletin Boards Read more >>>

Totland Letter To Atu Members Read more >>>

2013 Financials General Superannuation Plan Read more >>>

Atu Canada Contact Info Read more >>>

Video Message Read more >>>

Koskie Minsky Analysis Report Full Read more >>>

Financial Position Of Our Pension Plan Read more >>>

Bargaining Update Read more >>>

Bargaining Update Read more >>>

Bargaining Read more >>>

The City Has Issued Lock Out Notice Read more >>>

Crowded Bus Read more >>>

Labour Board Supervised Vote Aug 15th 2014 Read more >>>


August 8, 2014, ATU 615 Members: Negotiation Update Read more >>>

Mediation Update Read more >>>

Summer 2014 Route Enhancements Read more >>>

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Uniform Notice

Slamming The Brakes

DID YOU KNOW??? Read more >>>


Feb 10th Council Meeting Read more >>>

Special Meeting Re:Bargaining Update Read more >>>

Health Spending Account Read more >>>

December 9th 2013 Election

Update On Brother Greg Nordstrum

Al And Judy Sneddon Scholarship Fund

Ray Wallace ATU Scholarship Fund

ATU 615 Executive Update

Route Changes July 2013

Assaults On Operators

13th Annual A.T.U. BLOOD DRIVE

November 29th Incident At Place Riel Read more >>>

Accident/Incident Report

Work Place Harassment Policy And Respectful Work Place Policy

ATU Scholarship Program 2013
 In Memory of Gunter Bruckner

Al And Judy Sneddon Scholarship Fund

City Of Saskatoon 2012-2022 Strategic Plan

Route Changes Summer 2012

Survey To The Members Of ATU Local 615

EFAP Changes

Collective Agreement 2010-2012

Interim Election Candidates

Nomination Information

Stat Calendar Notice

2011-2013 Union Contacts

ATU Health Spending Account Info

July 2012 Route Changes

Dispatch Rules 2002

Christianson SeatBelt Decision

Atu Local 615 Bylaws

2007-2009 Collective Agreement

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