Fall 2017 Conventional Operator Signup

The employer has put forward a fall conventional operator signup that moves away from the principles of what the productivity committee considers the main principles of the signup more early finishers, less seat slides, less relief runs, more straight through work and relief runs with less time between the pieces of work decreasing the 12 hour window, essentially what they've done in the theme of cost effectiveness they have increased the number of relief runs from 55 to 78, they took away 9 of our 11-7 runs, they then split the runs and combined them with AM and PM extras thus creating all the extra relief runs. This also has affected the spare board where typically we have approx 50 spots we now have 28.

The Productivity Committee does not agree with these changes and have made this known to the employer on a number of occasions. We have had several discussions since the original signup was introduced and have made a few improvements, initially the signup had 7 11-7's and 84 Relief Runs. We will determine our next course of action in rectifying this issue but in the meantime we will be signing on.
We begin signing on Tuesday August 8th and the signup can be viewed at