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Canadian President Election Statment

 Sisters and Brothers,
It might come as no surprise that we at ATU Canada and the Keep Transit Public campaign are disappointed in the victory of Doug Ford and his Progressive Conservatives. This is a serious setback in the fight for public control and fairness for workers in Ontario.

We made a significant impact in Ontario. Through the Keep Transit Public campaign, we changed the conversation in Ontario on public transit and contracting out. We built stronger relationships with passengers, community groups and elected officials like never before. We helped catapult the Ontario
NDP from third party to Official Opposition where they will provide a strong voice for transit workers and riders. These are victories worth celebrating.

While Doug Ford is celebrating today, the fight is still far from over. While incoming Premier Doug Ford has promised to “privatize everything that’s not nailed down,” we will come together to stop his cuts and to keep transit public.

We will always fight for public transit workers and riders.
Municipal elections are just around the corner. We can bring a balance of power locally by working to elect municipal candidates this October who support public transit and workers. We will help elect candidates that will stand up to privatization and provincial bullying.

Together, we can still make a change for the better.

Yours in solidarity,

Paul Thorp
ATU Canada

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