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2017 ATU-ILC Conference Seattle
Just a few pictures of our annual conference

ATU-ILC Execuative Board 2017
Our newly elected Executive Board

ATU-ILC 27th Annual Convention
On behalf of the ATU-ILC Executive Board to attend and make the 2016 convention a success. We are looking forward to seeing everyone again in 2017. This year’s convention was short; one day due to the ATU International Convention. The pictures you will see in this photo album are ones that reflect some of what we accomplished and of course the annual dinner/dance held on the last day of the convention. We held our general elections and elected a new: President-Ismael Rivera (Local 1596), Vice President-Luis Alzate (Local 1056), Treasurer- Felix Avila Sr. Local (1056),Recording Secretary- Yolanda Moreno (Local 1555), Northeast Representative-Hector Perez (Local 1056), Southwest Representative-Eddie Moreno (Local 1338), Canadian Representative Martha Martinez (Local 268) as well as re-elected Northwest Representative Sergio Garcia (Local 757) , West Representative Rachel Miranda (Local 1555) , Midwest Representative J. Fernando LeBron (Local 308). The Cesar Chavez award was presented to two recipients this year, ATU International President Larry Hanley as well as International Vice President Michelle Sommers, for all of the hard work, dedication and support they have given not only to the ILC but ATU as a whole. The ILC chose to support Brother Manny Sforza in his quest to become an International Vice President. We also aggressively campaigned for him during the ATU International Convention and he won! (see video link below) Congratulations Manny! We raised money for the ATU COPE fund. (Committee On Political Education)Making a contribution is our way, as members of ATU, to assist our union in protecting our jobs and wages. The funds from ATU COPE are used to support political campaigns and assist in electing candidates to office who will champion our causes as transit workers and the agenda of labor and working families. The Fitzroy Boyd raffle (held during the convention) funded the ILC Scholarship fund and was split to three different Latino Caucus chapters, CCLC, CCLRC and Allentown. Congratulations to the ATU SI NY Latino Caucus Chapter! Located out of ATU Local 726(Staten Island, New York), they were newly chartered at this year’s convention. We are excited about 2017 and all it brings!

2016 Chicago Chapter Latino Caucus Scholarship Dance
Here are some pics of the successful scholarship dinner dance!

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