“Post Janus”

These foundation members advocate for the weakening of Unions, and frequently speak of the Unions’ clout in regards to financing politicians usually legislators who back Unions and their workers, is that so bad? On the flip side of their argument and what is not being told is that this anti-Union propaganda is being pushed by numerous multi-billionaires, multi-millionaires, well-funded anti-Union foundations, lobbyist and corporations who have thrown millions and millions of dollars into anti-worker laws and legislation. Why, Corporate greed.


This corporate greed is well grounded because as long as there has been a labor movement and in the very early years of organizing workers, the owners of these corporations and companies were the very same ones who brought in “goons” to attack, maim and kill Union members who wanted better wages and working conditions.

A lot of the anti-Union billionaires and millionaires today are the direct descendants of those very same individuals. Very few millionaires remain millionaires if they share their wealth, and very few millionaires like being bound by a contract that mandates you have to “share the wealth”. An example is Walmart. I am not advocating you shop or don’t shop at Walmart only that you may have heard of some of the Walmart worker’s stories of how they have to fight for pay and benefits. The Walton family which owns 50% of the company is worth one-hundred thirty billion ($130,000,000,000.00) dollars, followed by the infamous anti-Union Koch brothers at approximately one hundred billion ($100,000,000,000.00) dollars.


What gets lost in the ant-Union propaganda is what Unions (we) have done for working people and in turn what those working people have done for the economy and the locales they live in. I see this all the time, I hear it all the time; being good stewards of the public/taxpayers monies. Hello……..we’re taxpayers too!

What these anti-Union antagonist regularly fail to mention is that the executives and non-Union employees of many a corporation, company or agency seem to fare as well as, and in many cases much better than Union members and at a minimum receive better if not comparable wages and benefits.


Dues are the next thing they try to get you to believe are monies that go into the pockets of the Union leaderships. Not so, our books are open to any dues paying member of this Local.


Call and make an appointment to visit the office if you’re interested. It’s your Union. The reason I say call and make an appointment is because we only have one (1) fulltime Officer for over 800 members at four (4) different properties between Sound Transit (Seattle) and Longview, Washington to the south, and we would have to make arrangements with the Financial Secretary-Treasurer who works in the Communication Center to be available at your requested time if possible. Compare the money that goes into the pocket of “one” Union Officer with 800 members and his wages, and the wages and benefits of the Pierce Transit CEO and Executive Directors. It’s “all” taxpayer money. If you haven’t or didn’t read the May newsletter, I went into more detail in regards to what Union dues are used for. Read it for yourself and don’t let someone tell you what is written. Questions, ask me or any Union representatives and we’ll get you answers.


I am baffled as to how and why some in the general public have developed a mindset that everyone should be struggling in life. Some in the general public believe we as Union members need to struggle, should make wages that are not commensurable to our job/duties and think we as Union members collectively shouldn’t strive to have the best healthcare plan at the most affordable cost that we can negotiate, achieve/afford?


Why don’t those who complain not join a Union or organize their workplace? There are resources and organizers on the state and local levels that can help them, and if the attempt to organize is successful they as members have a duty to remember they are the Union and make sure that the Union and its leadership works on behalf of and with them as the Union. What these anti-Union antagonist never seem to mention is that the executives and non-Union employees of many a corporation, company or agency seem to fare as well as, and in many cases much better than Union members, and or at a minimum receive better if not comparable wages and benefits.


Don’t be swayed by what you are being told. That is what these anti-Union, ant-worker organizations count on. Find out for yourself. One of my biggest faults sometimes I’ve been told is; that I tell the membership too much. I feel obligated to do so. It’s your Union. I have personally strived to address every concern you’ve brought to the attention of either your representatives or myself.


I along with your elected Officers and Shop stewards do so because this Union believes you have a right to decent wages and benefits, cares about your working conditions, your families and loved ones and we “all” believe there is strength in numbers.


Attend a Union meeting; the office is 10 minutes away from Pierce Transit headquarters. It’s your Office, it’s your meeting, it’s your Union.

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