Thirty (30) Hour Run/Assignments

1) Thirty (30) hour run/assignments will be open to “all” Transit Operator classifications.

2) Runs/assignments shall be compensated at the rate of thirty (30) hours per week, including travel time. If the run/assignment is less than thirty (30) hours per week, guarantee pay shall be used to bring the package up to thirty (30) hours and delay time will count towards guarantee pay. Paratransit scheduling shall be exempt from 30 hour assignments.

3) If the run/assignment is signed by a Relief Operator, the twenty-five (25) hour guarantee will be adjusted to a thirty (30) hour minimum guarantee.

4) A Relief Operator signing the run/assignment work will be removed from the equalization Process, although they will be allowed to work above and beyond their 30 hour assignments if no other Relief Operator(s) are available and with their consent. The Dispatcher shall endeavor to fill any open work with any other Operator(s) who have not signed a 30 hour run/assignment first.

5) The 30 hour run/assignments shall be available in a limited number agreed to by the Union and Employer, and will be created in a manner that will allow the agency to maintain the efficiency of service.

6) During the shake-up signing process the thirty (30) hour run/assignments will be in a separate section. Line shake-ups occurring in the section shall only be available to Operators who have signed a 30 hour run/assignment. Any open runs shall be offered by seniority to the Relief Operators. If the work is not signed by a Relief Operator it shall be declared open work.

7) The 30 hour runs/assignments will have consecutive days off.

8) The 30 hour runs/assignments will not reduce the contractually agreed upon percentage of straight runs as presently identified in the contractual agreement, unless such change is agreed to by the Union and Employer.

9) The signing of 30 hour run/assignments work will not negatively impact or affect “any” Operator’s bidding or seniority rights.

10) Overtime: Operators (Full-time or Relief) signing 30 hour run/assignments will receive pay at the overtime rate of time and one- half the employee’s regular rate of pay exclusive of any special or premium pay, for all time worked in a day that exceeds eight (8) hours of paid time. Hours of leave without pay during a workweek will not be considered time worked for the purpose of computing overtime hours for that workweek.

11) Holiday Pay: Fulltime Operators will be paid for eight (8) hours at the employee’s basic rate of pay exclusive of special or premium pay.

12) Vacation: Fulltime Operators employee shall accrue vacation leave for each bi-weekly pay period in which they have been in a paid status a minimum of fifty-six (56) hours in accordance with the contractual agreement schedule. .

13) Sick Leave: A fulltime Operator signing a thirty (30) hour run/assignment shall have sick leave charged as actual time used up to eight hours per day. Relief Operators paid sick leave shall be based on the average number of daily hours worked in the preceding pay period divided by ten (10), but not less than four (4) hours.

14) Home Assignments: Fulltime and Relief Operators signing 30 hour run/assignments shall receive a minimum of six (6) hours of pay per workday on home assignment.

15) Jury Duty: Will be paid up to a maximum of eight (8) hours as outlined in the contractual agreement.

16) Military Leave: Will be paid in compliance with State and Federal regulations up to a maximum of eight (8) hours per day.

17) Transitional (Light Duty): Will be paid as hours worked. Work may be performed outside established hours of run/assignment.Isaac O Tate
President/Business Agent
Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU) Local 758

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