ATU 758 2019 Golf Tournament 

"The Early Bird Catches the Worm"

Let's prep early for the 2019 Golf Tournament.

If you are a Golfer or even if you're not and would like to take part in your Local 758's Organized Golf Tournament, we encourage you to do your part by voting for the Golf Course you would like to play next year’s tournament.


Please filling out the survey attached (click below to print) and place it in the Operator's Lobby Union mailbox (next to the Union Bulletin Board).

Click for Survey form


Vonda Marshall, Recording Secretary


Everyone is encouraged to play!!!



Late applications will not be accepted.

The 2019 scholarships are in remembrance of retired International President Ronald J. Heintzman, who passed away in April 2018, and retired International Executive Vice President, Robert Baker, Sr., who passed away in May 2018.


Heintzman joined Local 757-Portland, OR, as a transit police officer for the Tri-County Metropolitan Transportation District of Oregon (TriMet). Heintzman was elected President of Local 757 in 1988. He served five terms in that position until he was appointed as an International Vice President in 2002. In 2004, Heintzman was elected International Vice President. He was appointed to serve as International Executive Vice President and later appointed to serve as International President from July - September 2010.


Baker Joined Local 627 -Cincinnati, OH, in 1973, as a bus operator with the Southwest Ohio Regional Transit Authority. In 1975, Baker was elected to the local's executive board and served in that capacity until his election as local Vice President in 1977. He was elected President of Local 627 in 1980. In 1989, Baker was elected as an International Vice President, and was re-elected to that position at the next seven International Conventions. He was elected International Executive Vice President at the 2010 International Convention.


We hope the recipients of this year's scholarship, named in their honor, will use them in part to study union and community organizing, and grow to fight injustices everywhere.


This year, the program will consist of five scholarships each in the amount of $8000. In addition, a $2000, scholarship may be awarded to a technical or vocational school applicant.


All deadlines will be strictly enforced.


Scholarship Application (PDF not available yet)
Scholarship Rules (PDF not available yet) so

Stop by the Union office to pick up an application.  253.474.3123


President’s Report
Isaac O. Tate

Washington Paid Sick Leave Policy – Memorandum of Agreement

Your Union negotiating team has reached a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with Pierce Transit in regards to RCW 49.46 and WAC 296.128 - Washington Paid Sick Leave (WPSL). This standalone agreement is pertinent to all ATU Local 758 represented members/employees and contains specific terms and conditions affecting said members/employees.


Prior to and after the introduction of the WPSL law one of the biggest concerns voiced by the membership was the attendance/discipline policy as it applied to sick leave occurrences and the perceived and I must agree unfairness of the law/policy as implemented by the Employer. We as your leadership team kept that in mind as we negotiated this MOA. Although this is not the MOA in its entirety we would like to share the following.


In the month of December 2018 ATU members will be able to “designate” fifty-six (56) hours of Traditional Sick Leave (TSL) hours accrued prior to January 1, 2018 as WPSL hours.


In the month of December 2018 ATU members will be able to carry-over as per law up to a maximum of forty (40) hours of Washington Paid Sick Leave (WPSL) hours accrued after January 1, 2018, for a combined total of ninety-six “96” hours maximum which members can “designate” as WPSL hours for usage in the upcoming year of 2019.


During the December sign-up for the year 2019, you must have a minimum of “56” hours (Traditional, WPSL, or combined) prior to and at the time of the sign-up period, to be eligible for the carry-over designation.


Many of the remaining parameters in the (MOA) are in compliance with RCW 49.46 and WAC 296.128. Unless specifically changed by this MOA, departmental attendance guidelines remain in effect. That said ATU Local 758 “has not” waived its right to negotiate any Employer policy changes. Said negotiations are known as “effects bargaining”.


Your Union leadership in coordination with Pierce Transit will develop a method of distribution to all ATU represented members in the very near future.



Hello Union Members,


I would like to thank all the members of ATU Local 758 who took the time to vote and support me on the August 9th election.


As your newly elected Vice President of ATU Local 758 I would like to invite each of you to attend our Union Meetings that are held on the 2nd Thursday of each month at 6:30PM and 2nd Friday at 10:00AM.  The meetings are held at the Union Hall located at: 6923 Lakewood Dr W, Suite B-1 in Tacoma.

As members your ideas, thoughts and involvement is vital for our strength and success.


I'm looking forward to serving the members to the best of my ability and if at any time you have questions or concerns, please contact me at (253) 686-1435


Thank you,


Harold (Terry) Leazer
Vice President/Assistant Business Agent
ATU Local 758                

July News  -  Isaac O. Tate, ATU 758 President/BA

The Supreme Court has now issued a decision in regards to “Janus vs AFSME”. While the decision addressed “fair share payers and non-members” neither of which we have in Local 758 there are other attacks on the horizon. With the ruling on Janus the Freedom Foundation will no doubt raise its ugly head.

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June 27, 2018



As many of you are aware the Supreme Court issued a ruling today (Janus vs AFSME) in regards to Union membership. Your Union along with the ATU International is evaluating the decision and its application to us as Union members.


Your leadership will keep you apprised in regards to the interpretation of the decision.


Thank you,

Isaac O. Tate
President/Business Agent
ATU Local 758



What does it mean to ATU members?   CLICK



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Office of the President; Isaac O. Tate, President – Business Agent


A Union; A group of men and women who have joined together in order to attain as a group, that which they as individuals could never hope to gain. (1940)


It is very hard to believe it is already February. The office of the Union has been swamped with issues after issues. I understand there are ongoing enrollment problems in regards to the AWC Trust plans (Kaiser and Regence), however they will get worked out. My biggest concern is and would be if I heard of an instance wherein either a member or their covered family member was denied medical care. As long as you are provided medical care that is what matters most. It’s new and it’s a change, but it will get done.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 

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1) Thirty (30) hour run/assignments will be open to “all” Transit Operator classifications.


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Your Rights as a Union Member

One day while looking through our Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) or “contract” researching an issue on behalf of both a member and the Union, I was suddenly struck by a thought. When I address an issue I still have to refer back to the contract, a lot of which I have helped negotiate over quite a few years. Then I thought; we have so many new members that have joined our ranks and for many this is the first time they have ever been affiliated with a Union and may have no idea what a collective bargaining agreement (CBA) or “contract” is, and how it affects their working conditions and the many benefits they are receiving.

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Waiver of Union Representation: If you choose “not” to have Union representation during an investigatory or disciplinary meeting, you “do not” have to sign a form stating your choice not to, or write on the disciplinary document that you chose not to. As a matter of fact you “do not” have to sign a letter of disciplinary action. The “second” manager in the room (as there always is during an investigatory or disciplinary meeting) can sign in your place.


If this is an investigatory discussion which could in any way lead to my being disciplined or terminated, I respectfully request that my Union Representative, Officer or Steward be present at this meeting.  Without representation present, I choose not to answer any questions.


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